Commercial Photography Services

VERSATILITY is our core promise. VARIETY is what you'll see here.

ILLUMINATION delivers comprehensive commercial photography services in the Twin Cities metro area as well as on projects and commissions all over the world. We’re established, equipped and aligned with the right partners to handle many types of commercial and advertising photography projects.

Advertising Photography

We offer a diverse set of skills to companies and agencies needing creative advertising photography that conveys the essence and soul of the subject. 

Commercial Portraiture + Professional Headshots

We love the connection that happens through commercial portraiture. Whether you need formal environmental executive portraits for your annual report or standardized employee headshots for your website, we can help.  We offer special considerations for classical musicians, actors and executives. 

Commercial Lifestyle + Brand Storytelling + Editorial + Corporate Features

We love visual storytelling and have worked with brands and organizations  all across the globe to feature interesting things, concepts, positions and discoveries.

Commercial Product Photography

We specialize in still life product photography and have a desire to compose environmental products authentically and artistically.

Meeting + Event Coverage: Corporate + Concerts

We’ve covered everything from large corporate events to concerts to small company holiday parties. We can handle robust, multi-day event coverage with a dedicated portrait area or simply show up for a group photo.

Artwork Reproduction & Ancient Artifacts

We’ve worked with art collectors, owners, institutions as well as individual artists to ensure art and historical items are well-represented photographically. If you need an art, artifact or archeological photo specialist, we’ll travel. Learn more about the similar but separate services below. 

Travel Photojournalism Services

Supporting your vision, worldwide.

We’re passionate about discovery and adventure… happy to take to the air for certain projects. 

We’re as comfortable photographing world leaders as we are trekking through remote regions. 


Does your organization need rich, connective imagery to convey the concepts in a manner that commands attention and pulls at heartstrings? We have a solid portfolio of effective fundraising photography for nonprofits/NGOs. 

Corporate Travel Commissions

If your company needs photography in another region, we can assist. We’ll work with your marketing personnel to establish clear objectives and execute the shot lists with efficiency. 

Editorial Assignments

We know how to capture a story and welcome requests from leading and specialty publications worldwide. We’re also available to write or substantially contribute to story angles based on either original intent and/or experiential discoveries. 


Need to leverage our specialties in your own unique way? We’ve been flown globally to capture some unique concepts and can assist in a variety of ways. 

Video Production Services

We're focused on the execution of your VISION.

In addition to still photography, we are available for certain video production projects.

We’ve produced commercials, music videos, short narratives, course content, worked on interactive media and corporate videos of all sizes. Our diverse production partners can pull off just about any type of video production you can imagine.

While it was previously reserved for agency clients, we’re currently re-working on adding video production to our service menu and portfolio. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions.

Photo + Video
Hybrid Shoots

One of our specialties is conducting hybrid photo & video shoots. If you need congruency in style and a highly collaborative orchestration, we’d love to help. 


Given we are owned by a brand marketing agency, much of the work we do is for marketing objectives. This includes social ads, OTT platform ads as well as positioning web videos and course content. 


We love pulling together the pieces of a documentary-style video. We enjoy the pre-production ideation and planning as much the execution and delivery. 


We got our start in video production by producing music videos that won awards. We’re in the process of making a few more before we offer it as a service. But if you have an idea, contact us to discuss.

Additional Services We Offer

image for Director of Photography, Photoshoot Planning & Creative Direction Services

Producer + Director Services: Comprehensive Production Planning & Creative Direction

Sometimes we don’t push the shutter button, and that’s ok. It’s not uncommon for us to get brought in as Producers to help manage the process and workflow for a smooth production. We can assist with everything from talent acquisition and location scouting, legal agreements and license management to sourcing coordinating specialists of any kind. 

Agencies and companies hire us to assist on a variety of projects as consultants or project partners. Our Principals have held the role of everything up to Producer and Director of Photography, and have led and/or assisted with numerous types of photoshoot planning & creative direction services.

If you need someone with the ability to bring together many areas of media and production (but perhaps don’t need us to shoot), give us a call.

Top view of group of photographers with mentor

Photography Education: Business Development + Consulting + Training + Mentoring + Coaching + Workshops

We love teaching and sharing our experience and knowledge. We ofter consulting, mentoring and individualized training, and are producing courses and workshops for exciting group learning. One of our strengths is our understanding of the photography business and all the pricing and licensing considerations. 

Learn More about our Photography Education & Consulting Options

Image for Advanced Photoshop & Photography Post Production Editing Services

Advanced Photoshop Editing + Photography Post-Production Workflow

We’re skilled in a variety of post production practices, and Adobe Photoshop ecosystem is one of our specialties.  In addition to the many levels of retouching/editing we’ve performed on our own projects, a number of agencies and other photographers have come to us for some of their more advanced “surgeries.”

We like the tough stuff, but are just as good with the simple skin smoothing. We’re not your ideal partner for high volume clipping paths, though… to maintain our sanity, we outsource that.

A photo of a building faded into an architectural 3d sketch rendering CGI

Art Direction + Strategy for Photorealistic 3D CGI Rendering + AI

Over the past decade, we’ve seen massive advancements in other ways to create imagery. We’ve played along and often advise companies on what technologies and tools can be used to stretch the imagination and shrink a budget. There are times when a project’s presentation needs can be better served through avenues outside of a real-life photoshoot. 

As necessary, we can advise the strategy for and provide assistance with art direction on photorealistic CAD/3D rendering/CGI projects, motion and animation considerations, or the emerging world of Ai-generated art leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Graphic Design Services: Custom Books, Albums + More

Some of our projects provide custom graphic design for mass-printed books, albums, coffee table books, cards of all sizes, brochures, and other materials. These projects are handled through our branding agency’s design services. 

We’ve also designed backgrounds, magazine covers/layouts, and custom scenes to feature our photography. We’re very experienced in the print layout process, so don’t hesitate to request any design services for your photography.

Commercial Photography Studio Set-ups: Consulting + Training

Companies with in-house marketing personnel have requested advice and assistance in establishing workflow and choosing the correct gear for their unique studio design configuration. If you need assistance with any aspect of setting up your commercial photo studio, creating workflow processes and systems, getting your settings standardized or any other aspect of a commercial photo studio configuration strategy, contact us for a consultation.

Learn More about our Commercial Photography Studio Set-Up Consulting Services

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