Travel + Photojournalism Photography Services

Great Travel Photography Expands our Awareness & Brings the World a Little Closer

For us, travel photography is all about expanding awareness through the art of bringing the world into the viewer’s mind.

We delight in serving up unseen angles of life. Leveraging lenses to ignite curiosity and invigorate imaginations. Revealing beauty, challenge, and nuance as we expose people to what is happening all around this planet, and what is available for them to experience if they simply get out there.

Some experience and excitement aroused within to step forth and take a new journey on their own, even if it’s for a short walk to exercise a different perspective. We enjoy the educational component that reveals the customs of other lands and cultures, revealing the contrast their own lives for them to reflect on how they live, universal principles, and what this world holds.

Travel photography can reveal what connects us all through the human experience

For us, the joy is in the exploration; the process. And the art of capturing it all… bringing it into your life through our lens.

We're On-Location Photography Specialists... Accepting Travel Photography & Video Production Assignments Worldwide

The technical and creative skills required for travel photographers often cross multiple photography disciplines, so while many aspire to task, few can pull it off consistently. Many traveling amateur camera-slingers focus on nature and landscapes while others get their start in travel lifestyle photography.

Our on-location photo abilities are versatile. Yes, we can shoot nature scenes, but what we’re really good at is orchestrating naturally dramatic portraits and showing everyday events happening in a compelling manner. We can shoot interior and exterior, we’re happy to work with animals (both wild and corporate), and love the conceptual play in all situations.

While we’re stronger in some areas than others, we’re certainly capable of shooting in almost any environment. In fact, most often we’re not only hired for our travel photography skills but because we’re engaging, professional, and can navigate the planet as lean or as equipped as needed.


Does your organization need rich, connective imagery to convey the concepts in a manner that commands attention and warms viewers’ hearts? Not only do we have a solid portfolio of effective fundraising photography for nonprofits/NGOs, we’ve branded, positioned and produced copy for them.

Corporate Travel Commissions

If your company needs photography in another region, we can assist. We’ll work with your marketing personnel to establish clear objectives and execute the shot lists with efficiency.

We know what to bring vs. what to rent, who to hire, when to shoot, etc. and can guide a smooth process.

Editorial Assignments

We know how to capture a story and welcome requests from leading and specialty publications worldwide. We’re also available to write or substantially contribute to story angles based on either original intent and/or experiential discoveries. Editors tend to love the nuance in our notations.

Private Travel

Need to leverage our specialties in your own unique way? We’ve been flown globally to capture some special moments, unique people, and creative concepts. We can assist in a variety of ways.

Let’s discuss your intention.

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The art of the


The process of immersing yourself in another culture is incredibly illuminating. This is why we take the time on each travel assignment to live with the people, learn their stories and form deep connections to capture simple and special moments that can become a work of art. 

The Essence is The Focus: On-Location Environmental Portraits

We like to meet people. People doing things… Interesting things and everyday things. We like to capture them doing these things. It’s often that human element that we find most intriguing. The acts. The do-ing. The being. Presence.

We have a passion for capturing the essence of people… The stories are hidden in the lights of the eyes of our fellow humans. And it comes through in all we do.

Effective Travel Photography for Nonprofit Storytelling

Does your organization need rich, compelling, vibrant photos that connect your audiences to your mission?

We understand how to connect with your audience.
We understand your fundraising needs.

When possible, we’ll invest weeks or months immersing into a situation, project, and culture to get the full feel of it. We focus on the individuals and their details to tell their stories. They get a voice; a chance to be heard. We see all sides of Life and humanity as we discover and deliver compassion among chaos. Whether your organization needs someone to hang out of a bus in India to get “the shot” for your annual report, professional portraits of your NGO CEO, or a full-length documentary video written and directed, we’d be happy to assist.
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We have experience in international travel photography services for religious organizations and mission trips. 

Vision + Versatility + Variety

Some of the photos on this page and in our extended travel photography portfolio are from commercial travel photo projects, while others are from our various involvements and/or personal journeys. Many are sold to stock websites, while others may be eventually sold as prints. We enjoy capturing great compositions out of everyday objects and moments. It’s this exercise that strengthens intrinsic vision and inspires us.

Journey Behind the Scenes

Allen’s ability to engage and willingness to get dirty on the ground can at times be somewhat of a spectator show. Whether getting chased by children or getting friendly with a family of foreign farmers, people tend to loosen up around the camera when the director gets playful… Which is precisely the objective. Enjoy a few glimpses of the action…

The camera has the ability to bring the world closer.
Great photography expands consciousness through awareness.

Allen Luke

Founder ∴ Photographer ∴ Producer

We engage fully to create connection. 

We go the extra mile to get the shot.