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A Commercial & Advertising Photography Studio in Minneapolis

Illumination Photography is a the commercial photography and video production division of the Illumination Brand marketing Agency. We’re based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and specialize in conceptual commercial photography for advertising and marketing initiatives, as well as commercial portraiture,  products, and travel photography. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to engage our clients to provide unique outcomes. Our portraiture stands out by balancing natural intuition with an ongoing mastery of body language and nonverbal communication. Our focus will be in helping you determine the combination that best reflects you and your business’ objectives. We aspire to capture the real emotion and true moods and personalities in our portraits. We always go a little further to provide you with a new perspective and an unparalleled experience.

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Want to quickly review our style of photography to see if we’re a fit for your project?

Visit our Portfolios page to view an array of galleries spanning our many areas of practice.

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Get a comprehensive overview of our Commercial Photography Services here. 

You can also learn more about our Photo & Video Hybrid shoots.

We’ll explain package and pricing details so you know what to expect when you hire us.

Marketers + Educators

We’re not just photographers… Through our branding agency, we leverage a background in marketing and advertising to produce powerful imagery that engages and sells.

We also provide education and consulting services with a variety of valuable tools and resources. Courses are coming soon!

Minneapolis is Home

We are known locally in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro and serve organizations of all sizes in our home area. 

We also work out of our satellite cities in our partner studios and accept projects worldwide. 

Serving Clients Large & Small... Near & Far...

We Have a Passion for Travel Photography

We're on-location specialists who love the art of visual storytelling. Currently accepting travel photography & Video Production commissions World-Wide.

Allen (our Founder) has been flown all over the world and performed documentary, photojournalism and travel lifestyle photography in a variety or environments and settings. We have a passion for capturing the essence of someone seen in the lights of the eyes, revealing the beauty of nature, and uncovering the sensational stories hidden in the everyday lives of our fellow humans we cross paths with. 

Our creative vision brings great versatility. Whether your organization needs powerful visual concepts for your annual report, someone to hang out of a bus in India to “get the shot” for your website header, or a full-length video documentary written and directed, we can assist. We’re as comfortable working with CEOs as we are wandering the slums of third-world countries. 


In Artistry

We embody a relentless drive for mastery in creative vision, expression, and style. Because whether we’re capturing a product, person, or perception, it’s all the same approach, composition, and structure…

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Allen Luke makes all the difference 
When delivering your uniqueness
His lens shifts to see 
What you do not 
To deliver not only a greater vision of what you are
To your clients 
But to reveal it 
To your self
This is not only masterful presentation 
It is masterful transformation 
The Magister
Melbourne, Australia
We Deliver

Power in Positioning & Presentation

Having extensive experience in design and marketing, agencies and marketing directors love working with us. Not only do we speak the same language, but because we know how to approach each shoot with the end goal in-mind. 

Your project may need certain photos, but we deliver the unseen angles and advantage. Perhaps we’ll show you that with the twist of a camera or new light added how the new composition can become a beautiful background texture for that web composition. If your project needs a great variety to span across multiple media needs, let’s discuss how to unleash our collective creativity. 

We’ve built our reputation on swift, creative vision and are determined to exceed your expectations. 

We know how to shoot for the modern marketplace

We’re not only photographers and producers, we’re fundamentally focused on photography’s role in positioning and presentation for effective marketing.

The Studio

Produces high-quality visual media, on brand, with the essence delivered beautifully and strategically

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The Agency

Conceives effective brand marketing strategy, focused on clarifying and aligning the intent and art direction

While many come to us for specific photoshoot objectives, most clients work in some capacity with both our agency and production studio.

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The Creative Fire

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