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Based out of the Twin Cities metro area, we offer two studios for your convenience in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. We travel frequently, and also serve clients in Denver, Austin and Phoenix, and Playa del Carmen through our partner studios and on-location services. 

Standard Hours of Operation

MON – FRI:  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
SAT – SUN:  By Appointment


We’re often in the studio or on location, so all sessions, meetings, and consultations must be scheduled in advance.

Our Photography Studio Locations
in Minneapolis + St. Paul

Having two studio locations in the Twin Cities metro area allows us to serve you with greater convenience and versatility in our offering. Ample free parking, changing rooms, steamers, ironing boards, WiFi, TV’s and surround-sound stereo systems are among the many amenities included at each location. Both studios are located within walking distance of plenty of nature scenes and only short drive from each city’s downtown areas.

Availability, amenities and assets vary per location. As we discuss the type of shoot you’re looking for, we’ll suggest the studio (or other location) that best fits your unique needs.

Location Image for Minneapolis Commercial Photography Studio

Our Minneapolis Commercial Photography Studio:

1828 NE Jefferson Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

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Most of our commercial photoshoots and video productions are handled in our quiet Northeast Minneapolis Studio. This studio is shared with a small group of video directors, producers, editors, recording technicians and other experienced media professionals who often collaborate on projects. The studio space itself is situated in the center of the dedicated, stand-alone building. It spans little over 1,000 sq.ft. with no windows for full lighting and audio control. Other conveniences include a client lounge area, full kitchen, conference room, a garage with drive-in dock access right up to the studio space, and much more.

Location Image for St. Paul Portrait Photography Studio

Our St. Paul Portrait Photography Studio

106 West Water Street – Sixth Floor
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107

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Most of our consumer portrait photoshoots are handled in (or around) our St. Paul Studio. This large, 2,000 sq.ft. open area on the top floor of an old warehouse building. The building is old and “a little grungy,” but always clean in our private and exclusive shooting area. Once we exit the old industrial elevator, you’ll quickly see why we chose it. This one-of-a-kind studio offers a wide variety of scenes to suit many styles of photography. We can easily access different types of exposed brick (white, dark/grunge), industrial metal and wood textures in and around the building. Large windows provide plenty of soft, natural light almost all day. We’re equipped with antique furniture, custom hand-painted backgrounds along with an array of unique props and tools of the trade for some creative portraits.

Our Partner Studios & Satellite Locations We Serve

Denver (Boulder), Colorado

We serve the Denver metro area with our partner studio in Boulder. Many of our photoshoots require concepts in nature and the mountains offer a great backdrop for themes such as liberation, adventure and achievement. We also serve various companies in Denver with their varied needs. 

Skyline or cityscape of Denver, Colorado showing the Rocky Mountains in the background

Austin, Texas

We have a longstanding relationship with clients in Austin. As an epicenter of tech and medical tech, we continue to welcome similar opportunities throughout the great Austin area. Studios are in downtown Austin with the option for on-location throughout the region, including ranches on west of the city.

Aerial photo of the downtown skyline or cityscape of Austin, Texas with the bridges over the river in the foreground

Phoenix (Scottsdale), Arizona

Our partner studio in Scottsdale allows us to provide photography services to the entire Phoenix region. This extends our access to some of our favorite desert areas and landscapes, up to Sedona. Whether you need a product shot in a studio, a family adventuring on a rocky landscape, or a video of incredible sunsets, our Phoneix connection is a great asset. 

Nighttime cityscape of Phoenix and Scottsdale area with the stars and mountain in the background

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Years of travel led to opportunities to photograph high-end vacation rental homes, which thereafter led our cameras deeper into the incredible Yucatan.  We’ve visited remote artisan communities to capture handmade artisan products, visited all the archeological sites, and trekked down into many cenotes (underground water caverns). We’ve lived there, know the region well, and have many connections and locations to shoot at to capture travel, Mayan, ancient mystery, and traditional Mexican concepts for our clients.   

Landscape photo of a traditional Mayan cultural performance in front of the large city sculpture in Playa del Carmen

Available Worldwide: Commissioned Travel Photography Services

We’ve been flown all over the world, photographing everything from commercial products at factories in Asia, to life in the slums of India, unique conceptual modeling shoots on remote islands, as well as various editorial assignments and corporate projects throughout the United States. 

There’s a lot to the travel game, but we’re seasoned, streamlined, and efficient. Many of our projects require extended stays in remote regions for the brand storytelling of non-profit organizations for their fundraising objectives. If our passions align and we have the right fit, our team may be available to travel for various location photography commissions worldwide to meet your objectives. 

Let’s have a discussion. But first, please learn more about our Travel Photography Services and contact us with your project details to help us determine our alignment.