Photo of a strong and fierce looking female CEO

Power Portraits – Bold Executive Headshots of a Female CEO

We like working with clients who appreciate authenticity in all its opportunities for creative application. Too many portraits look the same and too many photographers miss an opportunity to capture something spectacular simply by getting a little more clear on the marketing direction and true desires of the subject. 

This commercial portraiture client is an entrepreneur and transformational CEO who wanted bold portraits to match her personality. We enjoy projects like this where we get to elicit character from the person we’re working with. It’s a game of expression, microexpression rooted in a foundation of pose, posture, and a clear intention. 

We rarely pose people in the classic crossed-arms position as it relays closed body language. We see many real estate professionals do this because it’s “something comfortable to do with the hands.” Yet in our sphere, it doesn’t happen unless there’s a reason.

Here, part of her objective is to be “tough,” which only works if it’s part of the person’s true nature. The essence must match the image. Here’ it works as it plays on the polarity of beauty and boldness. 

Photo of a strong and fierce looking female CEO

To show we’re not always too serious, we included a few outtakes from the shoot as well. 

This female executive’s company’s brand is set on a dark background, mostly black. The creative direction for the shoot was to have her “fade to black” or “coming out of the black” in the design layouts, so we approached the shoot accordingly. Given she was wearing black, we shot her without backlighting to keep the separation more subtle. 

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