Professional Headshots & Commercial Portraiture Pricing

ILLUMINATION is a Twin Cities based commercial photography studio known for our ability to deliver a wide variety of professional headshots styles in our business portraiture. We understand body language, and we will help you pose properly to portray your confidence and spirit. Small variances in expression and pose equate to a big difference, and will help you look your very best with our attention to details.

We’ll discuss the mood and of your shoot, and offer a variety of lighting and background styles to meet your requirements. To keep things simple, print releases are provided without any additional license fees. We invite you to check out our packages and considerations below for additional details.

On this page, we cover the following topics:

»  Corporate Headshots Photography Packages
»  Commercial Portraiture & Corporate Photography Considerations
»  Preparation & What To Expect During Your Session

Corporate “Professional Headshots” Photography Packages

We offer two standard professional headshots packages to meet your needs and budget. As you’d expect, there are a number of items INCLUDED with BOTH packages:

  • Copyright Release: A formal Print Release defining an Unlimited Usage License is provided for you to use the photos as you need.
  • Formats: Your photo files will be delivered in high-resolution format, ideal for printing with a “Standard Crop” (wide / full photo). Upon request, we will also provide two additional formats at no additional charge:
    • A second 8×10 cropped version in high-resolution format.
    • A web-optimized version of the cropped photo for use on your websites and social media profiles.
  • Proofing & Selection: We offer you the choice of online or on-site proofing:
    • You may elect to review and choose your best photo(s) immediately after your shoot, or:
    • We will provide an online gallery of your shots prior to the post production.
  • Complimentary Touch-Ups:
    • The packages  include “standard” retouching and general image enhancements (blemish removal, line diminishing, eye brightening, teeth whitening, color correction, etc,).
    • If your photos need to be completely isolated (cut out) or other more technical post-production measures are requested, additional fees may apply to cover the extra time involved.

“Standard” Professional Headshots Package

  • 1 hour session in our studio.
  • Up to 2 looks on a standardized background.
    • Bring additional changes of clothing for some variety to select from.
  • 1 final, retouched photo file.
    • Select your favorite photo and we will provide complimentary retouching services to make you look your best.


Investment: $290

“Multi-Look” Professional Headshots Package

  • 2–3 hour session in our studio.
  • Up to 4 looks on 2–3 scene styles.
    • Bring additional changes of clothing for some variety to select from.
    • We will change the background to best suit your photo for additional variety in your image choices.
  • 3 final, retouched photo files.
    • Select your top 3 favorite photos and we will provide complimentary retouching services to make you look your best.


Investment: $450

Additional terms and conditions apply, and we will provide you with that information with a contract upon booking your shoot.

At the bottom of this page, we have some planning considerations.

In addition to formal headshots, many of our business photography clients also need more specific commercial portraits and other conceptual photos for their marketing materials, annual reports, etc.

These photos are different than headshots in nature, and so is the approach we need to take. In most cases these photos take some additional planning and scouting, advanced lighting setups and other various production needs.

Commercial Portraiture & Corporate Photography Considerations

Need a photo of your executives power-posing in the atrium? Or perhaps a close-up shot of your architect’s hands marking up a draft to help reinforce a marketing message?  Maybe a well-composed photo of your production engineer welding a product during an installation for a magazine cover?

In cases like these – where the nature of the use and the needs of the photoshoot are outside the scope of a headshot – we use our standard commercial fee model and pricing structure.

More information may be obtained on our Commercial Photography Services page.  Please contact us to discuss a quotation tailored to your unique requirements.

Preparation & What To Expect During Your Session

TIMING: Plan for at least an extra half hour after shoot if you are electing to make your selections on-site.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please select the appropriate wardrobe for your shoot, and bring extra options. We will help you choose from your selection. All clothing items should be neatly pressed prior to the shoot. Some clients choose to bring both dressy and casual wardrobe options for different looks. Give strong consideration to your accessories as well as the colors and patterns of your apparel. In general, we want the photo to be all about you, and what your wearing should not “compete” with your face, overall look and pose.

BRING YOUR A-GAME: You’re going to look your best if you’re well rested, groomed, unhurried and hydrated. Wear your hair and makeup as you normally do, and we will help you make tweaks if necessary.

QUALITY: We don’t take many shortcuts in our business. Your images will be edited on an accurate, color-calibrated computer, and you’ll see how important that is when you make your selections.

FUN: You can expect a fun, comfortable, engaging experience from us. For those who don’t normally enjoy getting their photo taken, fear not…  If you read our reviews, you’ll quickly learn that we have a knack for making you feel at ease and drawing out your spirit.