Firefighter portrait zoomed in looking emotional with smoke in the background

Creative & Dramatic Portraits of a Firefighter

An old friend Kyle came in for a corporate headshot session for his realty business.

Having noticed he recently became a firefighter, I asked him to bring in his fireman uniform and equipment (along with a little charcoal to apply to his face) to try a firefighter conceptual photoshoot in a smoky environment. The results are below, and turned out far better than we have anticipated in our little play. We used a standard Halloween fogger and were aiming to go a bit dramatic. Kyle brought on the emotion and blank face

First, since the web can only show some of the detail, we’ll show a shot zoomed in to show more facial expression – especially the eyes.

Close up of firemen's eyes showing tears

Now, here are a few more full views. We couldn’t stop editing this photo, and made a few versions with different post-production treatment styles..

As you’ll see around our site, this photo looks perhaps even more amazing when cropped tighter and more horizontally. So here are some cropped versions of the photos shown above.
While this was our featured selection from this shoot, below are a few other shots deemed worthy of posting with varying treatment styles. We always like to explore poses and provide some visual variety in the selection process.
Firefighter sqautting down looking up for inspiration in black and white
Dramatic portrait of a dirty firefighter looking down

And last, here’s Kyle’s favorite shot.

Close up of a firefighter in black and white looking with emotion
The success of this shoot has inspired us to shoot more of what we call “Hometown Heroes,” an ongoing series and service offering to provide unique legacy portraits to our neighbors in all types of uniforms who are committed to serve. Sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for more information.

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