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Product Photography close-up of a platinum wedding ring with a large diamond

Product Photography of Unique Rings for a Custom Jeweler in Minnesota

Charlemagne Fine Jewelry is a custom jeweler in St. Paul with a longstanding tradition and great reputation in the local community for their handcrafted, artisan methods. When we launched their website, we produced some photography that tells the story of their traditional, time-honored techniques, which differentiates them from what many of their competitors do with CAD and computer generated software. Below are some photos from the process. 

We also needed some facility photographs as well as some of the jewelry in the cases to show the variety and style of their selection. We did some mini-setups with some of the larger items but kept the shoot simple. We had a good idea of what their comprehensive website needs were going into the shoot, so we captured creative compositions for each of the key areas. We also photographed with the intent of having a lot of diversity in color and texture from some of the unique works. 

The photos of the rings were done onsite in somewhat of a hasty setup by our standards (not quite to the elaborate detail of what we can do in a studio), but it worked. Damask-floral-ish paper textures with on-brand colors gave a rich and authentic feel to the pieces. We varied white balance and tone a bit for some visual variety on the site. We didn’t have the formality we sometimes do requiring absolute consistency and the client liked the look of the soft bokeh of the shallow depth of field as opposed to an approach with focus stacking. 

Each ring or piece of jewelry needs to be photographed from a different angle. There’s a lot of subtle nuance in the art of ring photography. 

View Before & After Edits

We had a medium-level edit on this project. It was more important to have a little more volume than it was to spend the budget on advanced-level edits. Check out the images below to see how we “sweetened” each ring, but didn’t do a lot of photoshopping.

Jewelry is highly reflective and picks up color from everything in the area. On some of the edits, we brought the diamonds and metal back to a grayscale. 

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