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Product Packaging + Advertising Photoshoots for Home Depot Christmas Trees

We’ve performed a number of photoshoots of Christmas and other seasonal decor used in packaging and advertising materials. 

Lighting pre-lit products requires a certain balance of using flash while allowing the LED bulbs to also illuminate properly. There’s a fine art to it. If you go with too much flash, you get a result with great shadows, but you lose the bulb illumination. If your flash is too low, the tree looks flat. 

Below are some examples of photos we’ve taken as well as how they were displayed in print and packaging promotion. 

Christmas tree photographs featured on product label designs

Environmental shoots often require some variety in the final images. See how we shoot the trees both a fully-dressed state as well as in their normal state (straight-out-of-the-box)? Large retailers and product manufacturers have the need for many different uses, so when we are clear on the intention in advance. Our commercial photoshoots are orchestrated with the company or agency’s marketing personnel with a well-articulated game plan. We lay out a shot list, carefully consider location, acquire all items needed for styling and so much more. 

Color is critical at this level of photographic production. Note the subtle-yet-significant difference in the colors of the lights and trees in the final images below vs. those above without the final color grading. A critical selling point of these trees was the warm glow of the LEDs, which were traditionally bluer. Shifting the color temperature slightly more yellow makes a great difference in the feel of the imagery.

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