Band poster design with multiple musician members and band logo

Band Photography, Poster Design and Musician Portraits for Audio Circus

As local cover bands rise and gain a greater following, they need to present and promote themselves more prominently to make an impact and draw a crowd. It’s important that the band invest in the visual assets that promote the essence of who they are, both for their promotion and to assist with the promotion of the venues that host them. 

Like many bands, Audio Circus has had plenty of amateur photographers willing to provide their services, but it just wasn’t cutting it. They came to us for creative and dynamic band photography that would look great on their promotional posters. 

We took them through a multi-location photoshoot, beginning in the studio where we used off-camera lighting for that extra punch and high production value dramatization. Knowing we would composite the members in photoshop afterward, we carefully lit each individual appropriately and paid careful attention to prop placement, pose, and overall composition so we’d have enough variety to choose from when laying them all out in the design spread. 

Band poster with dynamic group portraits and band logo
Standing portrait of a singer with the band's logo behind her in this poster layout

We have a solid background in design and photography and are skilled in merging the two. Knowing the nuances of how the photograph will be placed in the design is invaluable, and we are able to envision the final work while in the shooting process. 

In this shoot, we also handled some of the design, expanding the brand a bit beyond what they had originally come up with. Again, we wanted posters that stood out from afar, so color and contrast were key considerations to create an authentic aesthetic. 

Each band member’s portrait was also made into a stylized feature image with the logo for the website. The member also received a final edit of any image they selected as a legacy photo to use however they wished. 

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