A vodka bottle photographed on a red background. 45th parallel vodka

45th Parallel’s Commercial Product Photography for Advertising

Our brand marketing agency divison of the business created the brand identity and packaging for 45th Parallel Vodka, so we captured a number of its photographic needs to correspond with the various marketing and advertising objectives. 

The bottle is unique in that it has a background texture with a white faded gradient that illuminates beautifully at just the right lighting angles. We’ve shot it in the distillery as well as in various studio sessions. This type of advertising photography requires shooting with extra copy space for graphics and words in its various uses within print and web.

Our projects also included brand storytelling both inside and outside of the distillery. The owner wanted to convey the advantage of the “grain-to-the-glass” concept, so we went into the field with the farmers and showed each stage of the production process. 

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