Personal Branding Photography Packages

Advance your positioning through powerful presentation that reveals the true you! 

Our custom-tailored commercial brand photography services are ideal for influencers and anyone establishing personal branding with a website and social media. These packages are unique to those who meet Allen on our travels (more info below). 


  • Personal Brand Photography Packages Include:
    • 1-Hour Session = $400
    • Editing by you. Does not include post-production. 
    • Deliverables:
      • Direct download of the card in raw files on-site (or high-resolution JPEGs via Dropbox within 1 day).
      • Licensing: Unlimited use, indefinitely. Zero restriction. 
  • Approach + Intent Versatility:
    • To start the discussion and learn more about what you want out of your shoot, we offer two packages that fit the needs of most of the people we work with while traveling. 
    • We find most people either want to leverage our vast, effective experience to produce many great photos, or focus on on key image, perhaps for an eBook cover, Hero Image, etc. 
  • Friendly & Generous
    • We forego our standard commercial rate structure while on the road… save that stuff for the staff at the studio!
    • “Shoot and Burn” Model: Get the image on the spot and edit them yourself. Save us the process and yourself the money. 

Approach + Intent #1

I want a lot of high-quality photos to work with

Maximum Visual Variety

  • Let’s find an area with multiple shot locations, so you can set lots of looks, bring multiple outfits.
  • One session can provide many weeks of social media post material. All compositions consider leaving room for copy space and maximizing your design flexibility.


Key Objective: Maximum Number of Shots

  • Fewer locations, but more focus on your various angles.  More composition within each scene.
  • If you’re one who says “I don’t like pics of myself” this is a great option for you. You’ll get many nuances and angles to choose from.
  • Also ideal for a single concept shoot such as a beach scene where the light changes quickly.
  • Expect 300-500 photos.

1-Hour Session = $400

Approach + Intent #2

I want a particular thing done really well

Slow Flow with a Key Conceptual Direction

  • With this option, we slow down and pay more attention to detail. 
  • Ideal for those who want a concept done or have apparel/props that require a greater level of attention.
  • Same price, but a different approach to the time together.
  • We may be after 1 photo that nails it, or you can expect up to about 20 that are similar in theme. 
1-Hour Session = $400

2-Hour Session Option with 10 Edits = $800
Option to double this price for a 2-Hour Session
(If your concept is more complex or requires more time 
or deeper approaches to your process)

A-La-Carte Add-Ons

We serve up a few add-on considerations for these unique packages, yet can be available to customize your shoot in any way you need.  

  • Assistant
    • 1-hour session = $150
    • Great for attention to detail and/or provides efficiency or security with lights.
    • Generally increases the number of photos received by allowing the photographer to focus more energy behind the camera.  
    • May be required for more complex conceptual shoots.
  • Lighting
    • TBD and quoted if desired or required.
    • All shoots are “natural light only” packages.
    • In special cases, lights may be used at the photographer’s discretion as a bonus, when circumstances and time permits (but are never an expectation).
    • Adding a lighting assistant speeds up the process and provides more hands for handling the multiple lighting considerations.
  • Pre-Production Planning
    • All packages include a 15-30 minute meeting via phone or in-person to cover planning considerations. Beyond that, any pre-production planning considerations, including scouting, location, permissions, props, etc. are your responsibility. 
    • Planning and scouting services are available if desired for more complex objectives. 
  • Travel
    • Any travel 5 km beyond the current location of the photographer’s residence may incur extra expenses.  

Other Options & Services

  • Editing at various levels may be quoted based on your need: 
    • Basic Edits: Culling, basic color-correction and light edits
    • Advanced Edits: Photoshop manipulation, airbrushing, item replacement, cut-outs, etc.
  • Videography is available. This often warrants a separate shoot. Inquire for details. 
  • More services including personal branding and greater aspects of positioning and presentation are all available through our agency. We address all things as a whole, but great photography is a key component for revealing your truest essence and making an impression in an instant. 
  • These packages are designed for simplicity, but other pages on this website have more details on greater offerings.
Your Inner Fire

See Yourself in a new light

Terms and Conditions

These are Travel-Only Specials: The packages on this page are limited to fellow wayward travelers who cross paths with Allen and crew along our various journeys. These packages are not available to our home area clients as they are substantially below our current rate structure. 

As with all photoshoots, we require a standard Getty model release to be signed, authorizing us rights to use your likeness in our portfolio and/or for other stock or commercial uses. 

Other than that, these packages are designed to be simple and deliver the maximum value for each of us in the shortest amount of time. Allen is happy to not have to spend time editing and maximize focus on shooting time, which is to your benefit. 

We skip the formalities and make you look great!


Contact Allen on his cell or via email to schedule: [email protected]

To coordinate calendars and define our schedule, here’s Allen’s availability calendar

Any Location
Any Lighting

Enjoy the advantage of an
experienced commercial photogapher