A classical musician portrait that is unique showing a man screaming into a oboe

Creative Classical Musician Portraits with Music Saint Croix

Music Saint Croix is a small chamber orchestra in Stillwater, MN. We’ve worked with this group of musicians for many years, photographing them in some pretty authentic poses for their portraits. Each shoot we do is incredibly FUN and we enjoy breaking the rules to get wildly creative musician portraits. 

We’ve included a selection of multiple portraits of each individual in this feature for future clients to see the variety we typically provide in a shoot. Not all of these were final selections. 

Check out how they were used on their website: MusicSaintCroix.com

We went with black as part of their brand style and to have a stark contrast between the musician and instrument and the background. We wanted the relationship with the instrument to stand out prominently. 

While everybody loved and enjoyed their photos, one of the more popular photos was of Karl, the ring leader and nonprofit organizer, who we had screaming into the clarinet. A bit of a role reversal and play on polarity where the instrument was being receptive. It was actually a part of a sequence of him going back and forth with the instrument, showing varied emotion as part of his platy. Here it is from our recent photoshoot.

But regardless of how hard we tried, we couldn’t replicate the original photo from years prior. Here it is, in all its glory!

A classical musician portrait that is unique showing a man screaming into a oboe

Below are from an original portrait session, approximately 8 years prior. 

Again, please visit their website: MusicSaintCroix.com

to see how the photos were used and implemented. We’ve also captured group photos such as the one featured below every other season. 

Screen capture of a website with a featured photo of musicians

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