Over the shoulder photo of a Great Clips logo through the hands of a stylist

Corporate Marketing Photography for Great Clips Advertising Materials

Over many years, we’ve assisted Great Clips in the production of photography for various marketing and advertising objectives. We’ve seen them through and documented changes in the brand, management, and product offering as they’ve grown to become the nation’s largest and most successful hair salon chain. It’s been an absolute delight to work with an organization with solid core values and positive spirit!

Much of our work has been traveling to various salons in North America to capture themes such as stylist-customer interaction, team unity, etc. for internal and franchisee communications. The salon presents great challenges as it’s essentially a “hall of mirrors” so the lighting and composition have to be just right for each shot. 

We’ve also executed on-location photoshoots for external-facing initiatives for their innovations and announcements. Each shoot is stylized and lit according to the level of production value and overall intent. Our process involves plenty of pre-production to have a clear understanding of all shoot objectives. 

We’ve worked with both the marketing communications professionals as well as heads and members of various departments to ensure we creatively feature all the details needed for their communications needs. Below are some examples from the facilities department’s needs. Ceilings, lights, exterior shots, etc. are all critical to telling their story. We approach each shot intentionally and creatively, always finding the best angle of advantage to feature. 

Overall, we love these types of commercial photography projects as they require us to draw upon our versatility and vision, operating in a variety of environments and setups. In one part of a day, we may be shooting various conceptual compositions, while the rest of the day we’re engaging stylists for in-salon portraits. We’ve photographed their small events as well as their conventions. 

Photo montage of various marketing photos in a Great Clips salon

Executive portraiture is an important part of a large company’s photography asset portfolio. We’ve captured the leadership team in many environments, for quite an array of objectives. It’s always a great time working with such wonderful clients!

Executive team portrait with ten executives in rustic wood environment, cropped up view
Great Clips executives in a composited group photo with the logo behind the group

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